Growing Together

Andy and Brittany want their Marriage to Thrive!  Growing together takes purpose, plan, and action.   It is far easier to grow apart.    Unfortunately many couples usually start growing apart  shortly after they settle into life.     They forget that what made all of this wonderful bliss happen was a constant nurturing of their love that carried them through the lack of skill.    “Love”  often did not go away, it just did not continue to be nurtured in the same way, it didn’t find healing hurts and loss, it did not gain new tools to grow into the future.

There are many ways to make this happen.    If you believe God is the real go force and glue, then first set  spiritual unity as a priority.   It still amazes me how simple things  make such a difference.    This is Andy and Brittany.   They have renewed their life and love. They have a common goal.   They are growing in Love again.    Taken at the Sugartree Ministry  Bible Study.


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  1. We would like to thank you for your time and support . It’s a long road to recovery, and were just now understanding what it takes to make a marriage thrive . We believe with help from fellowship, and god we can make it against all odds . Lets face it the cards were against us and we was not growing any closer together . We now know with a relationship we can only grow with Jesus in our lives .The blessings that have been layed upon us are just the beginning. As we grow closer in love, and with our lord. Once again we would like thank Mike and Susie for believing and having faith in us.

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