HelpThru Marriage Is A Site Committed  To Couples

In All Stages Of Marriage Or Pre-Marriage.

We desire to encourage, inform, inspire, support, enhance and empower your relationship.  We offer this primarily through weekly readings about relationship and growth.

We believe that most relationships can grow and thrive.  Relationships move through stages of change and do much better with the right foundations or intervention.   If  your  contemplating,  or preparing for marriage, working out the “bugs”, needing healing from past  or current relationships,  and or  contemplating separation, often the right help can make all of the difference.

Relationships are like a precious piece of fine  jewelry, it needs care, protection, polishing and sometimes repair or  rebuilding .  Every relationship has it’s own uniqueness’s.  Over time and life events relationships need these elements to remain strong and bright.

Some of us have not been taught  or experienced what makes a relationship thrive.   Some of us have been been caught in the trials of life and have come short of what we hoped to live or be.    A growing relationship is also a well maintained relationship.   For those who are struggling,  they can see the unhelpful things that are happening but can’t put all of the pieces together as to: what went wrong and what can we do about it. Growth change and healing happen through information, encouragement and proper intervention.

The weekly readings and devotions are designed to quick and the point.

easy to implement and compliment  relationship.

Most relationships start with two people who are attracted to one another.   They start with the belief that they can work out troublesome and annoying issues.   They care for each other deeply but then start to get stuck in patterns  that originate from childhood or earlier relationships.  Faulty cycles of thinking, interacting and acting.  Our desire to to bring your relationship encouragement, ideas and hope.  


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  1. at the moment that made a sucjbet laugh the way they did, or the tear fall, a quirky look, etc. I LOVE this Love Story! You know when you know!! Congrats to this lovely couple. And Kaelin, you are absolutely STUNNING!!! Thanks for sharing your story with me!!

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