A Change Of Heart


This is Dan and Chrissy.

imageThey’ve had a change of heart.

 They are in love…  Again!

Love that seemed to be lost under pride and hurt.

Their story  is a change of heart.  When you seem to have come to your end, the only hope you have is to look to up to God and then search within. It does not lay in the hands of others.  God has given you everything you need to find peace.  The solutions should always start with a heart examination.

Dan  and Chrissy are  entrepreneurs .  Dan is a skilled cabinet maker.    Wood is a part of their lives, its everywhere!   When he looked within his heart he wrote what he found on some boards and presented them to Chrissy.  Love was on top.  It was greater that all the  other  ugly stuff he found.  It was greater that everything else.   They wept and asked forgiveness for their hardened hearts.    That was the only that thing that really  changed, it was the only thing that really  needed to change, the rest was details.

Now they are co leading a marriage growth group.

How do you fix a hardened heart?

It can start from many places.  It usually starts from hurt, pain, betrayal, loss, disappointment, emptiness or the loss of life focus. The events can be real.  You have to believe that hardness never is the answer.   Hardness is different than strength or setting boundaries.   The root of all hardness is usually fear.  Perfect love cast out all fear.  So the place to start is with a talk with The Father.  And then seek support.

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