What Really Matters

Introducing Joe and Heather.  They have been one of  our closest couple friends through the years. Many times they have  encouraged and supported  us in our relationship which they have also  done for many other  marriages.   A couple behind couples, bringing hope and strength to others.

Several years ago,  they were staying at our house.  Joe and  I were up at 6 a.m., talking and praying.   At 6:30 in the morning (before cell phones), Joe received a call.  The caller asked a strange question.  Can you tell me the 10  most important things in your life?  He started with his wife, two children, people he was close to,  and then a few things.   The caller said you still have all the people, but your house and belongings burnt to the ground early this morning.  With great relief, what was most important to him was still with him, his wife, family, and friends!

I still can’t think about this occurrence without tears welling up.   It was everything, everything! Joe was able to take life from a different perspective because he had what or who that really mattered.

What matters most?  People and the relationships are all that matters, really. People are the real estate!!

Even if we have lost a relationship, we were blessed to have had it.  Would I wish to never have had the people I have lost?  No, they were and still are blessings, treasures, and gifts from God.  Flaws and all; people make love alive and lessons learned in a way a physical thing could never achieve.

What really matters?  Oh the thoughts of regret for the people I have taken for granted.  It pains to recall the loved ones I dishonored with my willful ways.

Today I will count the gifts and blessings I have in my family and friends.  They are my richest treasures and precious heirlooms of eternal value.

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