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My Wife Susan  and I believe that marriage is worth the time energy and effort.  We have been married 34 years.  We came from families that struggled.  HelpThru Marriage is a site that is dedicated to the encouragement and  support of relationships.   You will find a growing list of topics about daily relationship growth and enrichment.   We also consult via online or locally.   (See Consultation)

This includes those:

  • Considering  their compatibility or choice in marriage

  • Preparing for Marriage

  • Who need to work out some “bugs” in their marriage

  • Needing healing, ministry, restoration from a previous or current relationship

  • Contemplating divorce

We have seen interventions be successful on all of these levels.   We have come to believe that most marriages can be saved.  We agree that some marriages are not healthy,  they can be mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually destructive.  We also see that some relationships are best restored by a  temporary  planned, structured, purposeful separation.  The problem for many couples is that they are wounded and cannot stop the destructive cycle while they are working on the “fix”.

We all have blind spots and or hurts that block restoration.   This  is why couples need an outside intervention, a change in thinking or perspective.  The reason we can’t change is s because of the patterns that we get we cannot see, change, understand and get stuck in.

After couples begin to move in the right direction they need a plan to sustain the changes they make so not to fall back in to the destructive cycles.  This is why we have started to develop weekly devotionals.   We will continue to add to the information and topics.

is part of the HelpThru series that include: HelpThru Life, HelpThru Parenting, and coming soon, HelpThru Recovery and HelpThru Stress.     This site will provide contact information for consultation.

I really do believe the things I say in these pages.   I know there are exceptions but most are not.

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