God the  Father said to Jesus’  disciples on the mountain at the transfiguration..”this is my son, listen to him”.  We never understand until we listen.  The Father wasn’t trying to get the disciples to hear words but to know the “person” who was giving the message.

When couples learn to hear the heart of their partner,  they come in touch with the person.  Most of the marriage counseling I do directs people how to hear the heart of their partner.   Couples react to words and miss the heart message inside the words.    What are they really saying?  It’ communication yes, but it’s far bigger that communication.  It’s two people becoming one.   We have one purpose, to love as Jesus loves.     Jesus said that “they may be one with me as I am one with You”.  We Have to learn how to listen.    Today I / We will practice listening to my partner so that when stress happens,

I will be practiced.

We Pray

Father, Help me to hear beyond words but what the heart is saying.


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  1. Tim Wallace gave me your business card several months ago when I asked him for premarriage counsel. Both my fiancé and I are divorcees and are getting married this year. If possible may I ask one question for a bit of professional advice? Step parenting…. Can a step parent be a positive influence? My kids are in the mid teens and older while her children range from 8-14. Their father appears to be a non-believer while we are growing in our faith and try to set positive faith based examples such as attending church, small groups and sitting as watchmen at the Wilmington house of prayer.
    Thanks for reading
    Chris Swanson