Hangin Out Together

Busy ! Busy ! Busy ?

Just what creates intimacy?  Most of the time the littler things.  Not always the long, in depth, or big things…   I know kids, work, projects  etc… can turn 5:PM into 10 PM real fast.  But what about that walk., that doin something together..it’s causal, it’s comfortable, it’s restful.   it’s “hangin out”.. just being together.   Those moments are there,  we just miss them ! Put it inthe calendar if you need to.  You can invite others,( or be invaded by others, like the kids).

These are my favorite feet.   The’re part of the person I love most.  We were .. .hangin….

Do we think that Jesus did not know how to rest, chillax (as my son Joel Says).   He is the creator of rest!  All of those hours with the discples were purposeful, but there were moments of quiet, listening, looking, walking, sitting, ..enjoying.. breathing!

Lord this week show us our moments that we can enjoy the moment…    show us how to “hang out”.

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