Fought It Through, and Won !

Zach and Shelby love each other.  Anybody might  have said,   They love each, but they could love each other  to “pieces”!  Ask Elder Dave and Robyn Hinman (see picture below).   Their love was intense, just like their reactions when it didn’t go well.   Zach and  Shelby have come a long way.   With triggers galore that could be ignited every time, anytime and sometimes all the time.  Some couples have to work harder, especially if they are facing multiple problems.   Some couples have the ability to create both passion or problem.  But given the chance to heal and grow, they can change their lives along with others around them,  and they have! A whole extended family has caught their zeal. What made it work for them?    They practiced listening, slowing down, taking time outs, and the power of faith to change.  They sought and accepted help. They acknowledged and found the love of family, friends and mentors.    They didn’t quit!  They have been beating their addictions and using their tools.  They had a plan of hope that directed them.  They loved each other but needed skills and support.  Good things cause ripples of more good things.   Thanks Zach  and Shelby, you’ve touched our world with hope.  You opened the doors for others through your willingness to grow. Thanks Dave and Robyn for opening your hearts and home. Dave and Robyn


Fought It Through, and Won ! — 2 Comments

  1. Awesum couple so glad God put u two in my Life. You both are amazing u overcame the odds. Like that mandesa song .u both are overcomers. You Defiantly can see God in both of you. And u share that. GOD BLESS YOU……

  2. Beautiful !! And so truthfully written. Zach and Shelby have come a long way and I couldn’t be more proud of them, not just because they are my children but because of there strength and determination, there Faith in Christ and love for each other and as well as there family.. They are an amazing couple that many could learn from.. Dave and Robyn Hinman are a blessing in our family.

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