One thing More

One Thing More

How does it happen?  We give up before we round a final corner and look back and think, “Why didn’t I keep moving forward?  Do we lose sight of our goal or original intent?  If someone said, “If you do one thing more to salvage a relationship, what would it be?”

Oftentimes, we have limits regarding how far we will go to give and serve our partner.  Those limits may be blocking our minds from giving just a bit more.  That bit more effort may turn a corner in the relationship, thus seeing results of more warmth and love between you two.  Maybe the little things you keep doing for your mate that seem unnoticed will be recognized and as a result, freshness will occur in your communication effectiveness or responsiveness of your mate, for instance.

When discouragement sets in, it’s difficult to give even one more ounce of effort.  Feeling discouraged in my marriage, my mind turned to a Bible verse:  “Be not weary in well doing, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.”

This quotation from Galatians 6:9, was life giving to my mental state. I had not applied to my marriage this idea of laboring in love being rewarded eventually by God. A promise from God of reward was there for me!  Could I trust God for the results or the rewards?  Did those results or rewards have to be on my terms, what I pictured in my minds’ eye?  Or could I trust God as my ultimate provider and defender.

Thankless jobs, complaints, misunderstandings, or negativity can be painful to endure.  Am I giving to my partner to serve God or myself?  Close relationships, marriage, or familial connections may develop patterns that cause people to stay stuck in the hurtful responses or attitudes.  People forget and take for granted that spoken thankfulness means wonders.  Hearing appreciation is refreshing.

Seeing the positive or making effort to understand each other is time consuming.  We get wrapped up in our own thoughts and feelings, forgetting how much we impact each other with our lack of response.  What is that one more thing that might be worth it all in the long haul?  How can we practice patient love or longsuffering while our partner doesn’t seem to notice or care about our efforts to love them.

What may be that smidgeon more effort to listen and respond without defensiveness mean to the health of a relationship?  Is God my One-Thing?  Is pleasing Him and following His ways as important to me as getting the strokes I desire from a friend or mate?   Lord, show us what that one thing more may be to keep us full of hope and offer sincere love to others.  Yes God, more of one thing more from me, for your glory.

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